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My New Website!

Hello to all you lovely people who have made their way to my website! It's been a long time coming building this site but I am no more prepared than when I was 18 and dreaming of my own "digital space". I will be changing things and correcting things and moving things around for a bit while I figure out how to do everything so bear with me! :)

What lead me here. I used to put on attractions and events and be a general carny or circus folk person. I have written lots of music and I have played in lots of bands. Entertainment was my main thing. Then (as it does) life turned even more sour than it already was for me. My projects started to fail, My peer group fell apart (multiple times), Several of my friends and family died, my heart was broken several times and then I developed the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I was really at the end of my tether. And then I found streaming. Specifically I found a streamer on YouTube by the name of Mike Hatcher aka The Magic Historian. I felt welcomed by his community. They were glad to have me in their space and I was glad to be there. I didn't know if this was just a phenomenon in his channel so I went out and started interacting with as many streamers as I could find who felt like they were my vibe. And Twitch is where I landed. I found the CoincidenceMachine community and the SmalMotoSklz community and the OlleyMakes community there as well as many others that I now frequent. :) I feel that I have good friends in these communities now, that I look forward to hearing from or playing games with. This was something that I was sorely lacking before. But I found my way through the murky waters of the internet to find some nice people and that has given me the multiple boosts that I needed in order to get to the point of making this site. I hope, where ever and when ever you are reading this, that you have some good friends or family or both and that you can laugh or cry or do whatever other human thing you need to in the moment with them. Cheers! TK

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